Curlin ME, Zioni R, Hawes SE, Liu Y, Deng W, Gottlieb GS, Zhu T, Mullins JI 2010 HIV-1 Envelope Subregion Length Variation during Disease Progression. PLoS Pathogens612 e1001228 pubmed
Supplemental Data

  1. Figure 1 (pdf), black and white. Schematic diagram of HIV-1 env subregions (center bar) and distribution of subregion loop lengths (surrounding bar graphs). The center bar depicts the linear arrangement of subregions V1V2 through V5 within the HIV Env gp120 protein. The amino acid length distribution of each subregion is shown in the linked bar graphs, including sequences in the cross-sectional dataset, the longitudinal dataset and the transmission data described in the supplementary analyses. Length distributions in V1V2 and V4 data are shown by isolation site and subtype. X-axis: sequence length (amino acids); Y-axis: number of sequences.
  2. Supplental Table 1 (xls) V1V2 gene sequence data and associated clinical and demographic data contributing to longitudinal, cross-sectional and transmission analyses. Data unavailable to the authors at the time of analysis are listed as "u/k". For additional information or data on other gene regions, please contact the authors.
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School of Medicine
University of Washington
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