Dapp MJ, Kober KM, Chen L, Westfall DH, Wong K, Zhao H, Hall BM, Deng W, Sibley T, Ghorai S, Kim K, Chen N, McHugh S, Au L, Cohen M, Anastos K, Mullins JI 2017 Patterns and rates of viral evolution in HIV-1 subtype B infected females and males. PloS one1210e0182443 pubmed
Supplemental material

Alignments of GAG and ENV:

Sequence ids are pipe-delimited (|) with the following fields:

  • "gnl" (general database reference)
  • "viroverse" (database name)
  • Viroverse accession (Mullins Lab depository)
  • "gb"
  • GenBank accession
The description field of each sequence contains standardized tagged metadata.
Department of Microbiology
School of Medicine
University of Washington
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