Herbeck JT, Nickle DC, Learn GH, Gottlieb GS, Curlin ME, Heath L, Mullins JI 2006 Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 env evolves toward ancestral states upon transmission to a new host. Journal of virology8041637-44 pubmed
Supplemental data for Herbeck et al., J. Virol. 80: 1637-1644
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Appendix Figure 1. An unrooted neighbor-joining HKY85 phylogram with all MACS 1993 late infection and PIC 1993 early infection sequences shown in relation to each other and 100 CDC sequences. MACS 1993 are circled in gray ovals, PIC 1993 are boxed in black rectangles. Mean tip branch lengths are significantly longer in MACS 1993 than PIC 1993 lineages (P < 0.001, two-tailed Mann-Whitney U test). . jl, 26jan06
Department of Microbiology
School of Medicine
University of Washington
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