SOP for Gas Cylinder Use


University of Washington Department of Microbiology

Standard Operating Procedures for Chemicals or Processes

#1   Process

(if applicable)

Gas cylinders (Inert)

Use of compressed gas cylinders (See CHP Sec **)

#2  Chemicals

Compressed gas cylinder present hazards because of the volume of gas and the pressures involved. Leaking or vented inert gas can displace breathing air. This SOP is for N2, Ar, Air, CO2, SF6, and LN2

#3   Personal Protective                        Equipment (PPE)

Wear goggles. Gloves, face shield, lab coat or apron and/or respirator may be required for personal protection depending on the gas and use.

#4   Environmental /

Ventilation Controls

Fittings and connections must be properly tested for leaks using a soapy water 'snoop' or other appropriate test system.

#5  Special Handling Procedures & Storage Requirements

All cylinders should be properly identified and the specific hazards of each cylinder should be known. Cylinders must be fastened securely at all times whether in use, transit, or storage. Cylinder safety caps must be in place whenever cylinders are not in use for an extended period of time or during transport. Proper valves and/or regulators for the specific gas must be used. Store and use cylinders in ventilated areas away from heat or ignition sources. When not in use, separate flammables and oxidizers. Transport large cylinders only on an approved dolly or cart. A dolly or cart is located in basement loading dock (see building manager if unable to access).

#6  Spill and Accident                         Procedures

If safe, turn the gas valve off. For cylinders that continue to leak, contact EH&S at 3-0467.

#7  Waste Disposal

Empty nontoxic or non-corrosive gas cylinders should be marked 'empty' and returned to designated vendor.

Empty gas cylinders which contained or corrosive gases must be stored in a fume hood or well ventilated space for pickup by the supplier. Call EH&S at 5-2848 or 3-7388 for further information.

#8  Special Precautions                       for Animal Use

(if applicable)


Particularly hazardous

substance involved?


Blocks #9 to #11 are Mandatory

  X    NO:

Blocks #9 to #11 are Optional.

#9  Approval Required


#10 Decontamination


#11 Designated Area


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Environmental Health and Safety, Box 354400                         *to be filled in by PI or Supervisor



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