Handling and Preparing Chemical Waste

Standard Operating Procedure


For known chemical waste:

Chemicals must be in an appropriate container compatible with the waste, with a securely fastened screw top lid. As a rule, containers that were designed for solid reagents should not be used for liquids.


For unknown chemical waste:

Unknowns present a serious problem for the University. Without an accurate chemical name, chemicals can neither be handled nor disposed of in a safe manner.


Unknowns should be processed for collection and disposal as soon as possible following discovery. Do not store these wastes in satellite areas. Any information, such as history and physical properties that can be provided to the hazardous waste staff will aid in the investigation and identification of unknowns.


Disposal companies will not accept unknown chemical waste without an analysis. To have an unknown scheduled for testing first complete a Chemical Collection Request Form and mail it to Box 354400 or FAX it to 206.685.2915. Please include a budget name and number on the form. Currently, the cost of analysis is approximately $83 for unknowns of less than 4L (1 gallon).


Routine Chemical Collections:

Wastes that are generated on a regular basis may be set up as a routine collection. To qualify for a routine request pickup, the composition of the waste generated must be identical each time. This is an extremely efficient process for collection. Your routine waste is assigned a number that is kept in our database; when you call in or e-mail the routine number to be picked up, we automatically know the waste's composition, regulatory codes, disposal options, and where you are located.


               To set up a routine collection you will need to fill out a Setup Routine Chemical Request Form.

               If you already have a routine set up and would like to request a pickup, please fill out a Routine Chemical Collection Request Form or call us at 206.685.2848 with the routine number and quantity to be picked up.

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