SOP for Inorganic Base Use


University of Washington Department of Microbiology

Standard Operating Procedures for Chemicals or Processes

#1   Process

(if applicable)

Inorganic Bases - handling, dispensing, and diluting including: potassium hydroxide, ethanolamine,triethanolamine, sodium hydroxide

#2  Chemicals

Bases cause burns to skin and eyes upon contact and to mucous membranes if inhaled or ingested.

#3   Personal Protective                        Equipment (PPE)

Wear chemical splash goggles. For concentrated bases use heavy duty neoprene gloves or natural rubber gloves. A lab coat or apron is recommended for personal protection and is required when dispensing quantities greater than 1 liter or when cleaning up a spill of a quantity greater than 1 liter.

#4   Environmental /

Ventilation Controls

Concentrated bases should be dispensed in a fume hood.

#5  Special Handling Procedures & Storage Requirements

When diluting bases, small amounts should be added gradually to water and mixed thoroughly to dissipate any heat generated. Bases should be stored separately from acids, oxidizers, and flammable solvents. Bases in glass bottles over 1 liter should be transported in spill proof carriers. Bases are stored 352 base cabinet of hood.

#6  Spill and Accident                         Procedures

In case of skin contact, flush affected areas with copious amounts of water for 15 minutes. Obtain medical attention. Neutralize any spilled base with citric acid. Spill kit can be found next to bookcase in 352.

#7  Waste Disposal

Small quantities may be neutralized by adding water. Bases greater than or equal to pH 12.5 are a hazardous waste and should be labeled with a 'Hazardous Waste Label'. Contact EH&S at 5-2848 for collection.

#8  Special Precautions                       for Animal Use

(if applicable)

* NA

Particularly hazardous

substance involved?


Blocks #9 to #11 are Mandatory

  X    NO:

Blocks #9 to #11 are Optional.

#9  Approval Required


#10 Decontamination


#11 Designated Area


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