HIV-1 HMA Subtyping Kit             James I. Mullins

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Subtyping HIV-1 by Heteroduplex Mobility Assay

From the laboratory of James I Mullins

This site was created to accompany the manual for the "HMA HIV-1 env Subtyping Kit,"  which may be downloaded in PDF format, and read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Nucleotide Sequences

The following nucleotide sequences, which are relevant to the kit and to the manual's discussion of HIV-1 subtyping via HMA, are available at this site.

  • The nucleotide sequences of HMA primers
  • HIV-1 reference sequences from the Subtyping Kit (unaligned FASTA format)
  • Alignments that contain the reference sequences and the HMA primer sequences (in several alignment formats) 
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