HIV-1 HMA Subtyping Kit             James I. Mullins


Nucleotide sequences of the 6 HMA primers are provided below.

Click next to any primer to see that primer's location on an alignment of numerous HIV-1 subtypes.


ED5  5'-ATGGGATCAAAGCCTAAAGCCATGTG (6556-81*  see in alignment)

ED12 5'-AGTGCTTCCTGCTGCTCCCAAGAACCCAAG  (7822-792*  see in alignment)


ES7 5'-tgtaaaacgacggccagtCTGTTAAATGGCAGTCTAGC  (7001-20*  see in alignment)

ES8 5'-caggaaacagctatgaccCACTTCTCCAATTGTCCCTCA  (7667-47*  see in alignment)


ED31 5'-CCTCAGCCATTACACAGGCCTGTCCAAAG  (6816-44*  see in alignment)

ED33 5'-TTACAGTAGAAAAATTCCCCTC (7359-80*  see in alignment)


*  Coordinates from the HIV1-HXB2 genome (Genbank  accession no. K03455)


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