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Freezerworks Maps

Getting the Data From Freezerworks

The mapping macro generates one map per freezer box, but it’s quickest to pull the data out by one freezer at a time.

  • Log in to Freezerworks. If you don’t know how, you should get help from Tara (queen of the Freezer people)
  • From the Samples menu, choose Search by Location
  • Select the Freezer you want to export. Leave the Rack, Box, Position boxes blank to select all of the samples in the freezer.
  • Open the Import/Export menu and choose Export Data.
  • Double-click the Map Maker export format.
  • Make sure the Field Delimiter is still tab and the Record Delimiter is return and that Include Header Record is checked.
  • Click the Save Export button and note where you save the file for the next step

Creating the Freezer Data File in Excel

Open a new Excel worksheet

Choose Data Get External Data Import Text File

select the freezerworks file you created in step 1

click Finish to accept the defaults and import the data

Fill the empty Subdivision 5 column with spaces:

  • enter a space in the top of the column (probably cell C2)
  • select that cell and everything below it (shift + cmd + down arrow)
  • choose Edit Fill Down

Sort the data by position

  • Select all of the data (cmd + A or edit select all)
  • Choose Data Sort
  • Sort by Subdivision 1 Position, then Subdivision 2 position, then Subdivision 3 Position with a Header row

Create a Map of the Data for a Box

  • If you plan to save, create a copy of the MapMaker Blank.xls file. You can find it in the ‘Freezerworks Webinars’ folder on transfer if necessary.
  • Copy and paste the rows corresponding to a single box from the freezer worksheet into the ‘Paste Data’ worksheet of the Map Maker file. The shelf column should be blank because we don’t use that subdivision.
  • Press ctrl+a to activate the magic. The data in the Paste Data tab will be transformed into a map of the box on the Map tab.
  • Print or save as you like. (you may need to redefine the print area to include the line numbers)