Lab Protocols Index

Data Analysis

Sequence Analysis for Research Genetics Clones

Freezerworks Maps

Flow Cytometry

Separation of T-Cell Subsets by FACStar

Measurement of Intracellular Calcium By Flow Cytometry

Chemokine Receptor Expression Assay by Flow Cytometry

FACSCalibur user log sheet

FACSCalibur Use

Cell Quest User's Guide

Intracellular p24 Assay by Flow Cytometry (BD)

Intracellular p24 Assay by Flow Cytometry (Caltag)


Processing Q-Bot Membranes

Radiolabeled First-Strand cDNA Synthesis

Oligonucleitide Hybridization to Glass Arrays


Quantitative PCR

In Vitro Transcription

Aminoallyl labeling

CY-DYE PROBE Synthesis

Northern Transfer

Hot Asymmetric PCR (Katze Lab)

Radiolabeling DNA Probe for Northerns

RNA-Gel for Northern Transfer

Agilent Bioanalyzer RNA Samples

Preparation of Linear Acrylamide

Eberwine T7 RNA Amplification

Selection of Poly A+ RNA (Katze Lab w/modifications)

mRNA Isolation with Qiagen OligoTex Kit

Katze Lab Total RNA Extraction Method

Mullins Lab Total RNA Extraction

RNA Extraction with Qiagen RNEASY Midi Kit

Molecular Biology

Big Dye Terminator Sequencing

Isolation of Chromosomal DNA from Mammalian Cells

TaqMan Assays on Demand Preparation and Real Time PCR

TOPO T/A Cloning of PCR Products

Long PCR

Purification of PCR Products (96-wells Format)

Gel Loading Scheme

PCR Conditions (96-Well Format)

Replication of cDNA Clones (96-Wells Format)

Plate Submitting Protocol


SDS-PAGE Protein Gels


14C Acetic Acid Labeling

14C Mevalonic Acid Labeling

Tissue Culture (BL2)

CD8 Depletion by Panning

PBMC Isolation by Ficoll Gradient

Mycoplasma Plus PCR

Passaging Mammalian Cell Lines

Protocol for Freezing Mammalian Cells

Protocol for Thawing Mammalian Cells

Effectene Transfection

TC Reagents

TC Supplies for Mullins TC Lab (Rosen 344)

Ten Golden Rules of Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture (BL3)

Pairwise growth competition assay

Determining Coreceptor Usage of HIV-1 on U87 Glioma Cells

Biological Cloning of HIV-1

Sputum Protocol

Processing Peripheral Blood from HIV-1 Infected Individuals

BL3 Standard Operating Procedures

Department of Microbiology
School of Medicine
University of Washington
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