Mullins Molecular Retrovirology Lab

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University of Washington/Fred Hutch Center for AIDS Research

TC Supplies for Mullins TC Lab (Rosen 344)

This is a list of TC reagents and supplies that are available to you. If we are getting low, please write it down on the white board so that more can be made available. Remember that we have other things to do besides keep reagents ready for you to use. Therefore it is in your own best interest to inform us BEFORE we are completely out.

Heat-inactivated FBS 344 Freezer K
Pen/Strep 344 Freezer K
Geneticin (G-418) 344 Freezer K
L-glutamine 344 Freezer K
Trypsin 344 Freezer K
rIL-2 344 Freezer K
PHA 344 Freezer K
Polybrene 344 Freezer K
ddH20 344 Counter top
DMSO 344 Counter top
ACK Lysing Buffer 344 Counter top
Ficoll-Paque 338 Cold room
1X and 10X PBS 338 Cold room
RPMI 338 Cold room
IMDM 338 Cold room
DMEM 338 Cold room
MEM 338 Cold room
Pipettes (2, 5, 10, 25 ml) 344 Drawers
Plastic sterile pasteurs 344 Drawers
Glass sterile pasteurs 344 Drawers
Freezing vials 344 Drawers
Gloves 344 Drawers
TC flasks (T25, T75, T175) 344 Cabinets
Multi-well plates (6-96 wells) 344 Cabinets
Tips (20, 200, 1000 ml) 344 Cabinets
Conicals (15, 50 ml) 344 Cabinets

For specifics on appropriate handling and waste procedures please see the online chemical SOPs or our waste and spill notebook located in room 352.