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Joy, J., Gervassi, A.L., Chen, L., Kirshenbaum, B., Styrchak, S., Ko, D., Mclaughlin, S., Shao, D., Kosmider, E., Edlefsen, P.T., Maenza, J., Collier, A.C., Mullins, J.I., Horton, H., and Frenkel, L.M.(2024).Antigen specificities and proviral integration sites differ in HIV-infected cells by timing of antiretroviral treatment initiation J. Clin. Invest. 2024 Jun 4:e159569(pubmed) (doi)


Despite effective antiretroviral therapy (ART), persons living with HIV (PWH) harbor reservoirs of persistently infected CD4+ cells, which constitute a barrier to cure. Initiation of ART during acute infection reduces the size of the HIV reservoir, and we hypothesized that in addition, it would favor integration of proviruses in HIV-specific CD4+ T cells, while initiation of ART during chronic HIV infection would favor relatively more proviruses in herpesvirus-specific cells. We further hypothesized that proviruses in acute-ART-initiators would be integrated into antiviral genes, whereas integration sites in chronic-ART-initiators would favor genes associated with cell proliferation and exhaustion. We found the HIV DNA distribution across HIV-specific vs. herpesvirus-specific CD4+ T cells was as hypothesized. HIV integration sites (IS) in acute-ART-initiators were significantly enriched in gene sets controlling lipid metabolism and HIF-1aplha-mediated hypoxia, both metabolic pathways active in early HIV infection. Persistence of these infected cells during prolonged ART suggests a survival advantage. IS in chronic-ART-initiators were enriched in a gene set controlling EZH2 histone methylation; and methylation has been associated with diminished LTR transcription. These differences we found in antigen specificities and IS distributions within HIV-infected cells might be leveraged in designing cure strategies tailored to the timing of ART initiation.