Mullins Molecular Retrovirology Lab

  • Department of Microbiology
  • School of Medicine
  • University of Washington
University of Washington/Fred Hutch Center for AIDS Research

Citation Information

Sibley TR, Silberman EJ, Mullins JI (2019). ISDB: a database toolkit for storing and analyzing viral integration site data. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), 35(6), 1073-1075. (pubmed) (doi)


We introduce ISDB, a set of software tools for the creation and administration of relational databases of viral integration site (IS) data. Using ISDB, investigators can curate a private database from any heterogeneous set of data sources, including previously-published datasets and internal, work-in-progress data. To make data visible and accessible to collaborators with varying degrees of computational expertise, ISDB automatically generates web sites describing database contents and data exports in several common formats. Compared to a public depository database, the ability to build local, private databases makes ISDB suitable for use in testing hypotheses and developing analyses in the long pre-publication phase of most research.