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Citation Information

Niu L, Termini JM, Kanagavelu SK, Gupta S, Rolland MM, Kulkarni V, Pavlakis GN, Felber BK, Mullins JI, Fischl MA, Stone GW (2011). Preclinical evaluation of HIV-1 therapeutic ex vivo dendritic cell vaccines expressing consensus Gag antigens and conserved Gag epitopes. Vaccine, 29(11), 2110-9. (pubmed) (doi)


Dendritic cell (DC) therapy is a promising technology for the treatment of HIV infected individuals. HIV-1 Gag- and Nef RNA-loaded DC have previously been shown to induce immune responses ex vivo following coculture with autologous lymphocytes. However, polyfunctionality and memory responses following coculture have not been evaluated. In addition, little is known regarding whether specific HIV-1 proteome components, such as highly conserved regions of the HIV-1, could enhance clinical responses following DC therapy.